Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation Services

Roofing Care 911, LLC delivers the finest forms of solar panel installation and maintenance services in town. Our team is fully equipped to set up the entire solar system in your residential and commercial facilities throughout the installation process. With the solar panel installations, our clients will have the privilege of enjoying the summers even more and saving more than ever. This renewable form of energy is the definite future and a solution to the electricity breakdown problems in storms and floods.

Solar Panel Install | Roof Care


The solar system is reliable and works best in sunny areas


Solar power has a low maintenance cost and remains a cost-effective solution for clients in the long run.

Safe Service Delivery

Our experts are insured and licensed and can quickly get the solar system to work and function effectively.

Safe Installation process

We have the experts on board with us. These are the technicians who are well-versed with the process of setting up and installing the solar system altogether. They always set out a clear plan following the client’s energy demands and requirements. They will enlist the working hours, technical details and quote the price. Once the initial paperwork is completed, the entire team will come and safely install it.


The solar system consists of a range of panels, wirings, and inverters. Consisting photovoltaic (PV) cells converts the sunlight into DC. Next, the inverter transforms this DC into AC (alternate current) that is then supplied to the residential and commercial facilities.

The sunlight consists of two forms; direct and diffused sunlight. During cloudy weather, the diffused sunlight falls on the solar modules and produces slightly lower electricity than the normal level of electricity generated.

It requires a minimum of 110 sq feet per kW of solar PV and can take up to a specific area on the ground or rooftop.


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